Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Few More Awesome Finds

Betti, by Kate Louise, has the sweetest handcrafted headbands and crocheted beanies and scarves. We loved this cream satin lace headband so much I asked her to make an assortment of similar headbands. They were all terrific, and arrived much faster than I expected.

I'm not usually a fan of coffee cup cozies, but I picked up this one for the monkey-lover in the family. It's so cute and well made that I'm thinking of getting a few more to use for "just because" gifts. Really, can you look at that face without smiling? Click over to Maceme and have a look around, there's always something new and different to discover!

Far superior to the old pet rocks (anybody else remember those?), this rock has a dragon figure carved into it. This piece is so terrific I'm thinking about getting more rocks, maybe Mr. LuckyGirl will get a custom rock to celebrate our anniversary (ssshhhhh!). Check out sjEngraving, especially the custom nest section.


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