Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy News: Lower Shipping Costs

Things are tight for people everywhere, and I've been looking for ways to cut back on my ongoing expenses. I've been able to lower the amount I spend on shipping (yippee!) so I've also lowered the amount I charge for shipping additional items from my Etsy shop. Effective today, most things will ship for only $0.30 each with an additional purchase, so it's perfect timing for holiday shopping.

I already ship commercial supplies and destash items at $0.00 for additional items, and that will remain as is (I can't get any lower than free!). My Temari are too heavy to discount the shipping costs, but all fused glass, Kumihimo, and pendant chains are included.

I've changed the amount in my shipping profile, but unfortunately it won't automatically update all the listings I have there already. I am so not motivated enough to individually edit nearly 500 items, so please send me a message if you're shopping and I can send you a corrected invoice before you check out, or a refund if you've already paid.