Monday, October 27, 2008

Make Something Mondays: Dichroic Glass Flower Pin

I had so much fun making this flower! I cut strips of two different dichroic glass and fused them together with a piece of clear glass covering them. Then I cut the two-colored piece into small triangles, and arranged the triangles into something that looked a little like a flower. I took a small white dichroic cab from my box of rejected pieces (there's a lot to choose from in that box--I make a lot of duds!) to use as the flower's center. The center was critical, because I needed a way to permanently connect the "petals" together.

Back into the kiln it went, and it came out pretty well I think. If I try this again I think I'll see what it looks like with fewer petals.

This post was inspired by Jolly Mom and Go Graham Go!, the ingenious moms behind Make Something Monday. We'd love for you to join us next Monday!

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