Monday, August 18, 2008

Lucky Girl's Happy Birthday Giveaway

This is my last planned giveaway this month. Depending on the angle of this pendant, it can appear to be teal and orange or ice blue and gold. The dichroic glass I used has a nice crinkly texture, and you also see bits of celery, white, black, and silver. I capped it with clear glass before fusing it in my kiln, so it has a smooth top surface. It's about 9/16" wide and 15/16" long, plus the bail.

I'm participating in MTMD's Page Rank Olympics, and am trying to increase my Technorati-recognized links by August 24. So far I've added a whopping 2. For a chance to win this one-of-a-kind fused glass pendant, help save me from total Olympic embarrassment and include a link to this blog on your blog. You can write something fancy if you like, or you can simply include "Today I entered a giveaway for the most awesome piece of jewelry on earth at Make Every Day Your Lucky Day" at the end of a totally unrelated post. Then post a comment here that includes a link to your post, and you're entered! Easy-schmeezy!

I'm going to be traveling on the 24th, so I'm extending this giveaway a few days. My birthday is August 27, and on August 28 I'll use the thingie to choose a winner from all links posted here from now through August 27. This giveaway is open to bloggers everywhere, so tell your friends! I love giving gifts for my birthday!