Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Really Did Not Mean to be MIA for so Long!

Really, I didn't! But in the midst of the normal craziness of the holidays, I went from being a wicked weekend stepmom to having two kids in the house 24/7. This has been a huge adjustment for everyone, especially the children, and has managed to drain my time faster that you can say "Who forgot to flush?".

We're finally beginning to find some sense of schedule, so things are looking up a bit. And I do enjoy having kids in the house! So anyway, I want to show off some of my favorite purchases.

I found these cute stuffed trees at TattieTats. They added a bit of Suess-ness to our holiday decor, and were a big hit. You can find a beautiful assortment of headbands, clips, and other hand-sewn lovelies there year-round.

These snowflake ornaments were made with walnut and maple, and just like real snowflakes you can find something unique about each one. That's one of my favorite things about buying handcrafted items! I found these at D and D Woodworks, and I've got my eye on a set of handcrafted wood trivets next. Check out the brain teaser puzzle there while you're browsing!

This penguin shirt has been a huge hit. It's not only really cute, but if you lift up the back of the shirt you can read the story of these penguins on the inside. How cool is that? Check out all the awesome shorts and things at Aleloop--I was entertained for quite a while!

This sweet little Scottie dog was originally named Snowflake, but my 18-month-old grandson immediately renamed it Kitty. (I still giggle when I think about that!) Check out Juliekope for more cute stuffed creatures and some amazing handsmocked clothing.