Monday, June 22, 2009

My Plate for the Local Animal Rescue

Recovering my my thumb joint replacement surgery has taken a lot more of my energy than I expected. My days have gone something along the lines of shower, nap, get dressed, nap, eat something, nap. I'm starting to take a few less naps, but I still can't do much without some assistance, and I'm getting really bored. Not being able to make anything is getting to me, so the most constructive thing I'm doing now is learning to be a bit more patient.

I did manage to get some help taking photos of things I made last month. I love this plate, it's a beautiful band of green sandwiched between two bands of blue, fused with a layer of clear, and then slumped in a mold to create a nice curve. It's going to a local animal rescue organization as a donation for their fundraiser. I hope they make a nice bit of cash for it!