Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Slumped Bottle Plates

I've been slowly working at getting photos taken and descriptions written for some of the pieces I had finished before my surgery. The doc told me not to push myself at all, and to have a very boring month. I've listened, and it's driving me nuts! I can't wait until I can use my right hand again. And I'm sure my family feels the same, I know they're tired of tying my shoes.

I've got another "tie-dye" bottle ready, this one is yellow, pink, and orange. It's so cheerful! And I was thrilled with the way this Grey Goose Vodka bottle came out. All of the printing on the bottle is intact, and it's lovely! Apparently someone else thought so too, because it's already been sold.

This cobalt blue tequila bottle came out nicely too. There's something about blue glass that catches everyone's eye! My favorite, though, is this Midori bottle. All of the lovely, bumpy texture of the original bottle held up through the kiln-firing process, even as the bottle slumped to a fairly flat shape.