Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Personal Treasures

Black Onyx has long been one of my favorites. It's supposed to assure the wearer of victory and strength, and I can use all of those I can get! I found these stunning sterling silver and onyx necklaces at Personal Treasures. Phyllis Mufson, the artisan responsible for creating these beauties, has a nice selection of pieces using other gemstones as well, and I hope you enjoy browsing her jewelry as much as I have!

Curvy Black Onyx Choker, $140

Double Onyx and Sterling Silver Necklace, $150


Happy Birthday, and Gee--You're Really Old!

This past weekend was my mom's birthday. She had been looking forward to it--it was her 70th, and she never thought she'd live to see it. I thought I'd share the gifts I got for her with you.

These fabulous pieces are hand-crafted from polymer clay by Zuda Gay. Mom loves purple, so I placed an order for two custom-made pieces. The first image is a pendant that measures about 1.5" across; the second is a brooch that's about 2" across. The detail just fascinates me! Happy Birthday Mom, enjoy wearing your purple jewelry, and congratulations--you're really old!

Take a look at Zuda Gay's shop, you're sure to find something (or many things) there that fascinate you.