Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hot--and Green!--From My Kiln

Not really hot, temperature-wise--I always let the kiln cool down slowly to room temperature before I unload it so that the glass doesn't suffer from cooling stress. Hot as in new and now!

I love this business card holder! I used a layer of clear glass with an iridized coating and iridized stringer over a layer of translucent green. The glass with stringer attached is really difficult to work with, but absolutely worth every bit of struggle!

This 7" plate began with the same glass as the card holder, but I added frit and confetti (paper thin bits of glass). After several rounds in the kiln it developed some tiny, beautiful air bubbles. I hadn't planned on the bubbles, but they add a nice touch to this plate!

This cute little plate is about 5" square, with a recessed area in the center. It would work as an appetizer plate, a candle holder, or a coaster. I'm really happy with the way the blue and the green complement each other.