Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Bought My First ACEO

I'm so excited--I just got my first ACEO in the mail! I've wanted to start collecting ACEOs for quite a while, and made myself wait until after we got moved and were at least somewhat settled in our house. I saw this one at the Aerten Art blog and just had to have it. The colors are perfect, the humor exactly my style, and that hairdo: a sort of a snake/antenna thingie, I assume to improve reception so she can tune in those voices. It's way better than covering things with aluminum foil to keep the (I always get confused, is it government or aliens?) out.

Check out Aerten Caisleán on Etsy, it's full of lots of other goodies. But this one is mine!!!! Now I just have to figure out where and how to display it....