Monday, January 21, 2008

Sweet Bracelets for Your Sweeties

I hate buying gifts at the last minute: I feel pressured to get something "good," which makes me feel bad; I feel guilty because I must not have cared enough about the recipient to take care of the gift earlier; nothing I find is ever good enough, probably because I'm trying to compensate for my own guilt. This year I've started shopping early, in fact I already have several Christmas gifts tucked away. (No, they're not wrapped yet!)

I've been doing some shopping for Valentine's Day, too, and stumbled on to some sweet gifts for your female sweeties at Ulixis.

This sweet Cotton Candy Bracelet would make a delightful gift for any little princess on your Valentine gift list.

The Midnight Plums Bracelet should be a hit with slightly older princesses.

And for your grown-up princess, try this gorgeous Tip-Toe Through the Tulips Bracelet.

Amanda, the creative genius behind Ulixis, is a student at McMaster University who is working on her thesis. Visit her and cross some of those gifts off your to-buy list.