Monday, March 29, 2010

I Do Not Want to Move All This Merchandise

Mr. LuckyGirl is still searching for a job, and he's expanded his search area to Charlotte--about 3 hours away. As much as I don't want top move, I know that we'll go where we need to go. I've been looking around our house, both hoping we don't have to move and dreading the day we begin packing.

I decided to reopen my eBay store a few weeks ago in an effort to reduce the amount of inventory we have, just in case we end up moving. I've been trying to add 10 items each day, and I'm stunned at how many beautiful things I've had tucked away in drawers and file boxes! I can easily continue listing 10 items each day for a few more weeks before I have to put any effort into searching out stragglers.

I'm anxious to clear these things out--I'd rather pack them now send them to new homes than pack them later and drag them with me--so if you see something you like please feel free to make me an offer!