Monday, November 17, 2008

Make Something Mondays: Temporary Work Space

In July I complained about how slow my new studio/workshop was coming along. And although there's been a tiny bit of progress since then, it's a really tiny bit, and the area is not at all useable. I've decided that we will not get it done during my lifetime and I'm ready to hire someone to finish it. In the meantime, I've been dragging my glass and tools to a table in the backyard, and then packing it all up and dragging it back inside again a few hours later. Not only is this a pain, but now it's getting too chilly to work outside.

I've appropriated our dining room table and made it a temporary glass work area. I can spread some of my stuff out, at least enough to be able to create some things. And I'm not packing it up and putting it away each time I cut some glass, so I can be a lot more productive.

I use the big plastic box for containing glass while I'm cutting. I discovered during my very first class that after about an hour I have enough tiny chunks of glass scattered all over that I have a mess equivalent to that of a toddler eating corn. Corn doesn't usually draw blood if you step on it, so the box is my solution to a never-ending band-aid shortage.

I've placed a small folding table and uncomfortable metal folding chairs in our kitchen so we have a place to eat. It's sort of like dining in a travel trailer: one of us can take things out of the refrigerator and another can load the dishwasher--all while seated at the table! Not ideal for family meals, but a girl's gotta make stuff, right?

This post was inspired by Jolly Mom and Go Graham Go!, the ingenious moms behind Make Something Monday. We'd love for you to join us next Monday!

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