Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shopping in Style

I've been trying to do my part to stimulate the economy lately, buying things from indie shops and artists. (One interesting result is that the more things I buy for personal use, the more things I sell from my shop, and my buyers are not the same people I am buying from. Hmmm, karma?)

Anyhow, I got these terrific shopping bags from Annelies Bags. At only $10 each, and with a buy 2 get one free offer, I didn't expect them to be the best bags but thought they'd be an improvement over plastic grocery bags. I was so, so very wrong! They are the best bags! Ever!

Made from upholstery grade fabric, they are exceptionally well constructed. I can imagine using these same bags to carry my groceries many years from now. They feel sturdy, handle heavy loads nicely, and compact well when I don't need them. Made from fabric that was destined for a dumpster, I am thrilled to green up my life this way.