Saturday, February 7, 2009

Workshop Update: I Have a Sink!

My garage-to-workshop renovation is moving slower than molasses in January. (My dad has used that phrase all my life, most often in reference to my speed, but it fits this situation.) But we did get the sink installed this week! It feels like real progress, and I'm excited!

Yes, the walls you see are white. I've been playing with all the color suggestions you've made, and in the meantime we discovered that the walls needed a coat of primer or sealant and it came in bright white. Now I'm debating whether it's worth adding another month to get the walls painted in pretty colors or if I should try to add decorative paint touches after we get the furniture and equipment in place. (Of course I know that painting shouldn't add a month, but I also know how slowly things move around here. A month might be too optimistic.)