Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lucky Me, I Won More Giveaways!

I won this marvelous Jasmine Vanilla Solid Sugar Scrub from Dancing Mooney. I had been doing a bit of blog-hopping, landed at Mooney's Musings, and discovered that she was looking for suggestions for new scents. I suggested one of my all-time favorite combinations, jasmine and vanilla, and now everyone can enjoy luxuriously scented, fabulously feeling skin!

I also won this lovely set of birthday cards from BeeDazzles Gifts! They're exactly what I needed to have on hand for those birthdays that sneak up when I'm not paying attention. Check out Bee's Buzzings to keep up with new designs and new giveaways!


Laane said...

Congratulations!! Well derved! Not only is that a great combination, you do so much for others that I'm happy something wonderful happens to you.

Have a great weekend.


Bella Casa said...


Three Fates said...

Congrats on your wins!!!