Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Smell Good. Really Good.

As part of my 2009 theme of "pretty," I picked up a couple of these glorious roll-on perfumes. Today I'm wearing Amber Sunset, and it's perfect. Just perfect. I'd try to describe the scent better, but you really can't get any better than perfect, right?

Yesterday I wore Chocolate Delight. It's wonderful--not so chocolately, but hints of chocolate and flowers. The roll-on tubes are convenient: I can carry them in my purse without fear of spilling, and it's easy to control the amount of scent. And at only $4.50 each, I can afford an entire wardrobe of scents! If you haven't been to ScentedLuxuries yet you must take a minute and look around at the delightful lotions, soaps, and candles. And pick up some Chocolate Delight while you're there--it's terrific!


Chokingonstatic Design said...

ooh, those sound lovely! I've been looking for some new perfumes and roll on's are the best. I think I'm going to go check out that shop now!

beth said...

I think my husband would love this!