Friday, March 27, 2009

Studio Update: My Glass Storage

I'm so excited--the big section of my glass storage unit is finished and stocked with glass! Mr. LuckyGirl slaved over this, sawing and hammering and drilling and whatnot, fretting whether he was building something that would be sturdy enough to protect $2,000 worth of glass. (Yes, what you see in this photo is almost that amount--wholesale!) I need a couple of smaller units yet, one for thin glass that comes in sheets half the size of these, and another for partial pieces that are too small to store with the big ones. But this is real progress, so I'm thrilled!


One Creative Queen said...

Ohhh! You are so lucky to have Mr LuckyGirl! I have wanted to get into glass for the longest - and I pour eagerly over the glass sheets at Hobby Lobby (yeah, right - gonna pay those prices! I also lovingly fondle my Delphi catalogs when they arrive.

On top of having to buy the glass (and teach myself what to do with it), I'd have to build my own storage unit. But after seeing yours - and your beautiful glass stored in it - I may just have to reconsider. It's all so gorgeous - and Mr LuckyGirl did a fantastic job on the storage unit!!

Does he hire out? lol

Thanks for sharing,

Lynne said...

WOW! It looks like Mr. LuckyGirl did an awesome job! You must feel a sense of relief to get all that glass into a safe storage unit. Very nice.