Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We Moved and Survived It!

Last week it was warm and sunny, but yesterday--moving day!--it was cold and rainy and miserable. In spite of our best efforts to rid ourselves of excess stuff before the move, we weren't able to come even close to being packed by the time the movers arrived. After spending countless hours and miles on the road helping us try to find the perfect home, my mother-in-law Jeannie came to help; she always knows exactly when to come and rescue us. I'm not promising she'll help you pack, but she will go far above and beyond to help you find the perfect home. My daughter Stephanie volunteered to help pack and ended up working more than 10 hours packing, tossing, and cleaning. I don't think I could find better family anywhere!

The best part of the day was the moving crew. We've had experiences with DIY moving and so-so to unpleasant experiences with professional movers, but the crew from Taylor's Moving, led by Dwayne Taylor, was simply awesome. Although they were cold and wet, they took great pains to make sure our belongings were dry and protected. They packed things that we hadn't managed to put in boxes yet, joked with us, and one cheerful fellow kept breaking into song. And all for a flat pre-arranged rate. If I ever move again, I'll hire them to pack and move me, get a hotel room for a couple of nights, and hide out until they're finished--I'm exhausted and everything hurts.


Elle said...

Moving sux -- glad you survived to tell the tale!Last time we moved, we stretched it out over weeks and weeks and weeks ugh it was worse, I think! Happy new digs!

Blue Boy said...

Congratulations. Moving is so traumatic -- my aunt (stupidly) hired movers off the internet and they broke a bunch of her stuff, stole some things, and then held the rest of her belongings hostage until she gave them a pile of extra money.