Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Coolest Dragon Ever

Our 9-year-old collects dragon figurines, and we searched and searched for something suitable to give him for his birthday to add to his collection. The dragons we found were either far too expensive or too juvenile for him--but then I discovered LizArt. The most amazing collection of figurines, pins, and magnets I've ever seen, but there was not a single dragon in the shop. A few messages back and forth, and Daniel now owns what he calls "the coolest looking dragon" he's ever seen. This custom-made figurine has also made me the coolest stepmom he's ever had (no matter that I'm the only stepmom he's ever had).

Check out all the amazing creatures at LizArt now!

1 comment:

Elle said...

A very cool dragon, and some very cool glasswork of yours, I must say. After checking out your site, I joined Etsy to see all that god stuff! My Max would totally loooove the dragon, he's into Eragon at the moment.