Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Have Paper Window Shades

My husband and I have such radical difference in tastes when it comes to just about everything. It's so bad that when we were shopping for wedding rings he joked that he should just pick out the ugliest thing in the store and it would probably be my ideal ring. The funny thing is that I had the same thought, only in reverse. We finally picked out very different rings, and even though they don't look a bit alike, we love them.

Trying to pick out window coverings for our new house was even worse, and coupled with the amount of money we've just spent on house-related stuff made it too stressful for me to even try to shop with him. We settled on a temporary solution--inexpensive paper blinds from Redi Shade. They don't look too bad out of the box, they're easily cut to the correct size, they install quickly with an adhesive strip, and at around $6 each you can't beat the price.

I just discovered that Redi Shade has a guide available for customizing your shades, and now I'm really loving them. We can have different shades for holidays, birthdays, seasons--whatever strikes our creative muse. Of course, we won't agree on how (or even if) to decorate the blinds, but since they're so affordable and easy to put up neither one of us will feel stuck with something we don't like.


She Who Diets said...

I am so buying some of these.
Thanks for sharing.

DrBurst| College Intention said...

I love how the light comes in from those blinds. Thanks for the post!

Peter Wood said...

I also bought some of these blinds recently and they look great!