Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vintage Pyrex Teapot with Tea Ball Infuser

I'm getting ready for another visit with my family, and thought I should unpack some of the treasures I brought home from my last visit before I go. I had completely forgotten about this old Pyrex teapot I found in my mom's basement! It was my great-grandmother's, and I haven't been able to find another one like it. I did find an image from a Pyrex brochure printed in 1931 that shows this style, but with a glass top. I believe the pot is style 16, a 6-cup teapot, but I haven't been able to find any information on the metal top with infuser. The top fits this pot perfectly, so I think it must have been made for this pot, and not a generic top. I'm hoping that some of you Pyrex lovers can help me with its history and value, maybe the top was part of a special promotion?


Dwijayasblog said...

I love tea, even I drink it too much. Once, see your picture remind me of one my teapot (much more like that) which now broken apart because it fell. You should keep it well, in honor your ancestor.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my husband inherited a similar glass Pyrex teapot with tea ball infuser, only his is etched with patterns of flowers and probably holds only 6-8 cups. It's really lovely. It has the word Pyrex in white on the bottom with two marks, one above and one below that look similar to musical notes. We use ours frequently and enjoy looking at it as much as preparing tea in it. We don't know if it can go on the stove or not, so we pour the hot water into it. Enjoy.

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This spring I was in Corning, NY and bought a teapot of similar design but with a fancier lid and Tea ball (I think its a strawberry). It is currently boxed as an Xmas present for my sister, but I was told that it was antique Pyrex, but have been not able to confirm it. Where were you able to find the information to confirm the age of yours? That would be a bonus present, Thank You.