Saturday, November 28, 2009

31 Days, 31 Deals: Day 16

Happy November 28! YIKES! What happened to the Day 15 Deal? I'm going to blame it on temporary turkey insanity. Sorry, and thanks to all of you who checked to see if everything was okay. I'm making today's deal extra special to make up for yesterday's missing deal.

Today's special is a 40% discount and free worldwide shipping on every item in my Precious Metal Jewelry section. Make a purchase before midnight tonight, Eastern U.S. time, and I'll refund your savings via PayPal. If it's easier for you, send me a message and I'll revise the prices before you make your purchase. Send me a message with the words "Day 16 Deal" to get the special price. This offer is good for both U.S. and international shipments. Check back tomorrow for my next Daily Deal!

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