Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend Gem and Jewelry Show

Mr. LuckyGirl and I drove to northern Virginia this past weekend to shop at a huge jewelry and gem show. There were hundreds of booths, thousands of shoppers, the prices were high, and surprisingly the majority of sellers were less than friendly. I learned a lot about how not to treat your customers, both in the wholesale and the retail sections of the show.

We came home with some blue topaz cabs, a few pretty pink tourmaline cabs, some things I've already forgotten, but my favorite find was the cabs in the photo. We met a couple who cut gemstones and they had an amazing collection of cabachons in their booth. They called these cabs Wedgwood agate. I've never seen stones quite like these before, and they're really lovely! Don't know what we'll do with everything yet, but it will be fun designing with them.

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