Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maybe I Am a Fan of Vintage

I searched and searched for a thermometer to hang in my studio--got to keep an eye on temp in there! I've always been a fan of new and shiny things, but after spending more time than anyone should looking for the perfect thermometer I discovered this gem!

It's perfect! You may remember that Mr. LuckyGirl and I got married in a hot air balloon over Niagara Falls. I've got this lovely old thermometer hanging in my studio now, a reminder of that wonderful day every time I check on the temp. And I get to learn temps in Celcius--a Fahrenheit scale is there, but it's much smaller, so the Celcius temps are easier to read from a distance.

And I found it on Etsy! Is was at Fab Pad, a shop with a delightful collection of vintage treasures and terrific customer service. Go check it out!


Sophie @ The Fab Pad said...

I am so glad you like it! I love that you have that connection with Niagara Falls. You were the perfect buyer for this little vintage item...

Meghann said...

Aww, how perfect!