Thursday, April 16, 2009

Look What Mr. LuckyGirl Did!

I've been talking for over a year about the progress (or lack thereof) of turning our garage into my studio. What I haven't mentioned is that part of the workspace is for Mr. LuckyGirl--he loves to work with metal and create jewelry. He surprised me with this beautiful pair of earrings! They're made with sterling silver and 14K yellow gold, and feel terrific. I've been struggling to get a decent photo of them--they are amazingly tricky to shoot--and although these are my two best shots now I can't decide if I like either of them.

Mr. LuckyGirl is considering making more of these earrings. We've not created much precious metal jewelry to sell, only to wear, so coming up with a reasonable price is a bit tricky. We need your help! Would you consider buying a pair of these earrings, either for yourself or a gift? And what would you consider to be a fair and reasonable price?


terraworks said...

I LOVE them! I would be happy to wear a pair! They are sassy and elegant at the same time. The kind of earrings you could wear with anything.

One Creative Queen said...

Those are beautiful! Tell Mr Lucky he did a fantastic job - and since I'm a single mom, he can send the next pair to... lol

Hmm fair pricing. That's a tough one. I am so bad at that. I wish I could help out more...but I would say that I don't know how much you have in them - or the gauges of the metals - but I would think $50-$75 is fair? Unless the gauge is high and they are "soft". Hopefully someone else has a better method. xx