Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Studio Update

The work to turn out garage into a working studio is crawling along so slowly that to say it's moving at a snail's pace would make it sound as though it's going faster than it really is. In May I was excited because we had electricity and plumbing.

We've managed to weatherstrip one side of the large garage door. It was necessary to keep out some of the summer heat (and insects!). It's been too hot to spend any time working out there, so we've added an air conditioner. I've never seen one like this, and it works surprisingly well considering it's movable. You can see that we haven't yet put up insulation or drywall, but now that it's a bit more comfortable to work out there we may be able to catch up with that snail.


Jemi said...

I know exactly the feeling ! We have been working on replacing the rain gutters and the facia boards around the house. Boy, it is crawling like a snail! The carpenter who is doing the job is always busy with his other carpentry work. It's kind of annoying, but the thing is . . he is a family friend ! I just have to be patient :) . Well, good luck to your project !

Kim said...

Good luck with your studio! I bet it's going to be great working in there when it's finally done.