Thursday, October 9, 2008

More About Linky Love

The poll has closed, and it seems that my original instinct was right: 52 percent of you agree that posts listing top Entrecard droppers and top commenters is boring. Even better, my original post spurred Margaret at eyespi20 to post about ways to give some link love that are actually interesting! She followed up with a pros and cons of blogrolls post, and I'm watching to see what sort of comments that post brings.

In figuring out how I want to take all this info and apply it to my blog, I have to remember that I'm not a professional blogger, and am not using this blog as a source of income. While all the talk about SEO, page rank, etc., are probably of some importance to me and this blog, I don't really care about them enough to let the "rules" associated with them effect my blogging decisions. (Can you hear the huge gasping sound coming from the blogosphere?)

I like to make stuff. The blog is primarily a showcase for interesting things I make and a way for potential and existing customers to get to know me a bit more personally. While I do have some income-generating ad spaces here, my goal with them is to fund my own advertising, not put money in my pocket. If folks happen to find this blog with a search engine then of course I'm happy, but if they don't it's okay too: there are more effective ways of finding customers and promoting my goods.

I think that it only makes sense to go with the majority of my readers: no posts about top visitors of any sort. I do enjoy posting about other blogs and shops, and that kind of linky love will continue.


Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

I created a page for the Top Droppers and that seems to be working well. Those that are curious will click on it. And the others just read my regular posts.


jodapoet said...

I can understand. I'm a writer at heart and basically use my blog to share my thoughts and writing. Plus it's fun.