Thursday, September 11, 2008

Torture, Ed Sullivan Disease, and a Giveaway

My right hand doesn't work correctly, and the pain and fine motor control has been getting a lot worse over the last couple of months. Enough so that I finally broke down and made a doctor's appointment. This has snowballed into many appointments and tests, and the past two weeks have seemed like near constant medical events. We've determined that I have some arthritis, miserable but common so no big deal.

They're still trying to figure out the rest of the puzzle, and at one point a doctor mentioned Ed Sullivan disease. It's real name is Ankylosing Spondylitis (try saying that three times fast!), and it causes your spine to curve and your neck to stiffen to that you have to turn your torso in order to look right or left. I don't think I have that, and besides, I don't want to spend my remaining days saying things like "rillly big shew."

Yesterday's tests were, officially, valid medical tests: a nerve conduction test and a needle EMG. The doctor seemed like a pleasant, soft-spoken sort when he introduced himself. As he started sticking needles in my hand and zapping me with electricity, I swear he morphed into Jack Bauer. I keep having flashbacks to the scene where Bauer rips a lamp from its electrical cord so he can use the exposed wires to shock some poor guy into confessing some horrible crime or other. (If you don't get this and haven't seen 24, it's time you visited Netflix.)

I left the doctor's office totally and completely traumatized, and with the knowledge that I'd give in to torture before it even started. After sleeping for 14 hours I'm still feeling the effects and am about ready for a nap. But let's move on to the happy part of this!

I love how you've all jumped in and left opinions on my Little People post! I feel like spending more time reliving my childhood right now, and it seems as though many of you are ready to join me. I have (left over from my years working in publishing) an extra autographed copy of Marianne Gingher's How To Have a Happy Childhood. It's a sweet little gift book I worked on some years ago, just the thing to bring back memories of a simpler and less-tortuous time.

To enter my Happy Childhood giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite childhood toy by September 18. Earn an extra entry by blogging about this giveaway, linking back to this post, and leaving a second comment directing me to your post. Make sure you leave some way for me to reach you if you're the winner. Open to bloggers and non-bloggers world-wide. On September 19 I'll use the randomizer thingie and choose a winner. I'm off to take that nap now. Good luck!


rockcreekcreations said...

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down, don't fall down, don't fall down.

Weebles is probably my favorite toy from childhood. We really tried to make them stay on their side but were never successful!

Breeni Books said...

I loved my Cabbage Patch Kid. I remember my mom actually had to get on a waiting list to get it.

Altered-gypsy said...

Thank you so much for letting me know about my EC widget on my other blog...I hope it is fixed now.

I was supposed to return for that test...I chickened out and canceled the appointment. I have had enough tests that were inconclusive and "need" to be redone. Go through that one and still not find anything and the problem is still there and the only change is my wallet is much lighter! :(

twenty pound tabby said...

I've had the nerve conduction test and needle EMG in my arms and legs to determine whether my problems were CNS or peripheral nerve related. It really did seem to be something out of a torture chamber. But it was better than the spinal tap.
Enough of that - my favorite toys were my trolls. I still have them. I loved their funny faces and the long hair made of lambswool.

- Marybeth I. said...

I had these little dolls called the honey hill kids. They had velcro hands and a tree clubhouse. Thanks for a fun contest!

Anonymous said...

Definitely Cabbage Patch Kids. I can remember waking up to a new one every holiday at the foot of my bed! I loved playing "mommy" with them.

jceko77 said...

Little People airplane

Annie said...

Well, I have 2 favourite toys!

My Slinky!! Oh, how I loved my slinky....way back in the day when they only came in "silver" and weren't all multi coloured like I've seen them since.

My Pee Wee Herman Doll, I guess I wasn't an official kid though as I was about 20 lol

Hope you recover quickly!