Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm Giving Away a Ton of Jewelry

Well, maybe not quite a ton. Some fraction of a ton, definitely. The thing is, I'm a lousy photographer. I've got dozens of dichroic pendants that I refuse to list for sale because the photos are so bad. When I take photos, I take 8 or 10 shots of each piece and hope that at least one of them turns out well. Dichroic glass shifts color depending on your angle, and can look drastically different in different light, so it's a challenge to get photos that are truly representative of the actual piece. After I download the photos I often find that none of them are good enough to use, so I put the piece into the pile for my next photo session. After 6 or 8 sessions I usually give up, and the piece goes into my "special" drawer.

Now my "special" drawer is full so I've got to do something with all those pendants. I could sign up to sell at a couple of holiday craft shows and bazaars, but I'd really rather give them away. So here's the deal: place an order of $25 or more from either my Etsy shop or my eBay store, and I'll select a beautiful dichroic or irridized glass pendant for you and include it with your order. Just send me a message as your checking out that includes "$25 Blog Gift" in it, and you'll have a nice start on your holiday shopping. Or a lovely gift for yourself (I always love those!). This offer is good through the month of September or until my special drawer is empty, which ever comes first.


Susan Schrock said...

That's a really great offer. I'll keep this in mind as I start my Christmas gift shopping on Etsy. Good luck!

Leslie said...

That is a great idea! You have such beautiful things!

rockcreekcreations said...

I'll have to remember this. I wonder how an "Etsy Grab-Bag" would go over? Maybe take a picture of a pile of pendants, and the buyer would receive one.

Not to take away from your free gift idea though. I'll have to remember this offer for my gift buying.