Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Finally Made Something--a Temari!

Actually, I have a bunch of partially finished projects hanging around, and I picked this one up and finished it. Not quite as good a feeling as starting something new and completing it, but still a good feeling. So what do you do with a Temari? You can hang them on a holiday tree, display them on your desk, mantle, or table, or hang them from a hook. One of my daughters even has one hanging from the rear view mirror in her car, and my parents have a few displayed on top of their television. There are more photos and description in my Etsy shop.


Steve said...

I love things like that, my daughter has a couple of similar balls made from feathers she just leaves in her fruit bowl (don't ask!) and they feel and look really nice.

Originally temari were given to children to play with, but I guess 1000 years ago in Japan people maybe had more time on their hands :-)

nanjodogz said...

Very nice -- bunches of them would look great in a basket also.

Erica said...

That's really pretty. How did you make it - is it knit?