Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Help! I Forgot My Anniversary!

I have been so scattered lately that I forgot my wedding anniversary is in a few days--so I have nothing for Mr. LuckyGirl. He's extremely difficult to buy gifts for, so I usually start looking several months ahead of time. In fact, I should be trying to figure out his Christmas gift now, that way I'll have found the perfect present in time. So what do you buy for an awesome husband who doesn't wear cologne or aftershave, jewelry, or even neckties?

Here's the Valentine gift I got for him. It's felted pottery from Valerie's Gallery, and he loved it! It now holds his keys, wallet, cell phone, and other tiny treasures. But how many felted bowls does a guy need?

I need suggestions--please help me find Mr. LuckyGirl the perfect anniversary gift!


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with Mr. Aerten! I usually wind up buying him a book or taking him to a movie. :)

Jenaisle said...

If you write poetry - a compilation of your work all dedicated to him.

If you can carry a tune- your favorite songs, sang by you in one CD.

or a personalized desk organizer if he is an office guy.

or a candle lit dinner for two with all your love and affection.

Good luck.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great bowl...it is tough to buy for some men...my husband loves a "Canadian Tire" gift card...Canadian Tire is a huge store...a cross between a hardware store and Home Depot...he loves to shop there!!!

Good luck

Debbie said...

does he golf or some other sport that you can get him a gift cert to play or see?

CyberCelt said...

-headphones for his music
-hands free gadget for his car/phone
-air pressure checker for tires
-frames for pictures he has
-scrapbook of your marriage
-new wallet
-toiletry kit (dop kit?) for travel
-new briefcase if he uses
-house slippers
-gym bag packed with shampoo,towel, etc.
-gift certificate to one of those huge sporting superstores

Giving Girl said...

How about a guys day at the spa. We have a place that caters to no one but the guys. Sports on big screen tv's, different kinds of beer and drinks, spa treatments, hair cuts, close shaves, etc.

Maybe you can find a place like that in your area.

Lotus Flower said...

Ooohhh so difficult.

Why not get you and him on a Caribbean vacation? Sometime soon?


Renee said...

Boys love their toys, so what does he like to do for fun? Sports and/or electronic gadgets are more a guy's idea of a romantic anniversary gift. How to make it more special? Present the gift with you wrapped up in nothing but a ribbon.