Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quest for the Longest Poetry Meme

I came across a blog with a challenge I couldn't ignore. Gary R. Hess at the PoemofQuotes Blog posted this:

I need your help fellow bloggers! Lets create the longest poem ever known to the meme.

What we need to do:
Copy and paste the previous persons poem, then write the next line. It can be a new stanza, new rhyme, etc. But the poem must make sense!

To keep the poem going, please place a link to Gary's original post (nofollow it if you have to) and the previous person's page (in this case, it's Just More Words at the End of the Day). Next, drop by PoemofQuotes and comment telling us the URL of your poem if you want us to continue it.

If you don’t like the previous line, you can start the meme over, just don’t confuse everyone. Please state in the comment if you started a new poem.

Lets try to make each poem as long as possible!

Here is the poem so far, including my line:

The forest sang of moans from years past,
while crumbling leaves of sorrow
the blackbirds pecked for morsels--what luck!

Who wants to be next?


Jack said...

I'm in:


Jack at Comics Legends and Lore

Gary R. Hess said...

Thanks both of you, lets hope more join in :D