Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tag, I'm It: Seven Random Facts and 12 Great Blogs

This past weekend we went to watch a Durham Bulls baseball game. Throughout the game an announcement flashed on the screen at least once an inning about this being the 20th anniversary of the movie Bull Durham. This reminded me that several weeks ago Rich at Copywrite, Inc. tagged me with a meme that asks I share seven useless facts about me and then tag 12 more blogs, asking the authors to do the same. What does a ball game have to do with a tag? See Random Fact #3.

Seven Random Facts
1. I married my sweetie in a hot air balloon ceremony over Niagara Falls. It was the best ceremony I could ever imagine!
2. I rarely go to movie theaters, or for that matter watch a DVD in one sitting. I like movies, but sit still for that long and I'm sound asleep (see #6).
3. When they were filming Bull Durham I worked in an office near the ballpark. I spent more than one long lunch break sitting in the stands. If I learned anything it was that watching a movie being made is really boring (but still better than working for someone else).
4. I have 3 adult children, 2 school-age step-kids, and 2 grandkids--with one more due any day now.
5. My closest brush with fame came when I was working for a book design and production studio. James Dickey, famous for writing Deliverance, is also an accomplished poet. He phoned to say that he was worried about making his deadline because his dogs ate his page proof, and could I please get him a new set.
6. I struggle with insomnia more than not, so most nights I fall asleep with the television on (see #2).
7. HTML has been known to bring me to tears.

Twelve Great Blogs
I love the creativity of artists and crafters, so I'm tagging some of my favorite blogs from creative types:

Lizzy T, who knits the sweetest creations.

Cutting Edge Creations
, needlefelting treasures

NanjoDogz, amazing beads in the shape of dogs.

Sam McLean Designs, you've got to check out the pie!

Aerten Art, where even the doodles are fabulous.

Funky Folk Art by Memekiwii, pottery that's fresh and funky and folksy.

Caroline Parsons's Art Blog, paintings I could look at for days on end.

Althea Peregrine, sumptuous silk art

Strawberrycouture, bright and colorful hats that practically scream FUN!

Carolina Patchworks, creations from a fabric addict

Connie at The Tiny Fig, who makes "sweet figments of the imagination."

An Artful Mess, unique art masquerading as greeting cards


Grandy said...

Sorry to hear about the insomnia, that is NOT fun. Great list of facts. :)

Julya Lim said...

Oooh in a hot air balloon? Very nice :) I would've been scared! Were you two very high up over Niagra?

I rarely go to movie theatres too, especially here in nyc. Once time I went and I saw a big fat rat dart across! Rather stay home now.

I never saw Bull Durham. Was it a good movie?

meme said...

WOW ...thank you for the tag!! what is so funny is i am not currently having a "lucky day" in fact quite the opposite ( i just blogged about it YUCK) THEN i noticed a comment on one of my pieces...hmmmmm THANK YOU you kinda gave me the kick i needed..while i am still upset..i am gonna see/think/chant to myself how lucky i am.....have a great day!! xoxoxo meme

Kelly said...

I just found your comment on my site letting me know about the tag! It lot lost in all the insurance spam I've been getting. :)

I'll be happy to play along... I just can decide if I should do 7 random facts about my art (in which case I would do it on my art blog) or 7 random facts about me (that would go on my other blog). Oh decisions, decisions! LOL