Sunday, May 4, 2008

Have Books, Need Bookmarks

Before we moved I sold a couple of hundred books on eBay and donated several boxes full of books to a local thrift store. We still have about a bazillion books, and since I tend to read several at a time I never have enough bookmarks. (I only have one open in front of me at a time--I'm not that talented!--but switch books depending on my mood.)

After working in publishing for 16 years I have a huge aversion to turning down page corners to mark my place. Little scraps of paper usually fall out and disappear, and besides, I figure that many people put a lot of work into producing that book, so it deserves a decent bookmark. Today's lucky find is cserpentDesigns. You can find gorgeous beaded bracelets and other jewelry there, but I really love these bookmarks!

When Pigs Fly Bookmark, $15

Blue Hug Bookmark, $15

Pink Bear Lampwork and Swarovski Bookmark, $17


cserpentDesigns said...

Thanks for blogging about my shop! The pink teddy bear is my favorite!

Cromely said...

I use book darts to keep my place.

These are little, thin metal arrow that slide right on to the edge or the page without damaging it.

I use them not only to mark where I stopped reading, but also to mark any interesting passages I might use in my book reviews. At any given time I have 20 or 30 of the things in a book.

I get them at Powells, usually, though I think I've seen them at Elliott Bay Books, as well.

Em Dy said...

I also don't like folding the corners of my books or leaving them turned upside down to mark the page. I don't use bookmarks either. I just look for the last page I read.

Liz said...
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