Wednesday, May 21, 2008

5 Reasons I Love Entrecard

1. I've discovered a lot of truly nice bloggers and interesting blogs that I probably wouldn't have known existed through Entrecard. I learn at least one new thing from these folks each day, and most days several of them will make me laugh.

2. The traffic to this blog has increased significantly, and it's not all drop-and-run as I feared it would be. A fair number of Entrecard users take the time to stop, read, leave comments, even check out my jewelry and temari. I've come to believe that you get out of Entrecard what you put into it, and if you make the effort to read and interact with the others, people will do the same with you.

3. The ads I buy (with credits I earn, not real money--perfect for my current budget!) on other blogs give this blog exposure to everyone and anyone who might be reading those blogs--many of whom are not entrecard users--bringing new blog readers here and potential customers to my Etsy and eBay shops.

4. The powers that be have come out with a free new ebook to help new entrecarders and seasoned droppers alike. My favorite part about the ebook is that they included MY AD as part of an illustration (see page 8), but it's also full of a ton of helpful tips and info.

5. Entrecard has just been updated so that you can have more than one blog on your account, and switch between them quickly and easily. This is terrific news because I'm planning to launch another blog in the next few weeks and I'm looking forward to using Entrecard to help get traffic moving to it.

If you're a blogger and not in the Entrecard network yet I recommend you have a look around, read the ebook, and feel free to ask questions.


Jenaisle said...

You are right! Initially my purpose in entering entrecard was only to increase traffic but as I continued dropping, I came across several wonderful blogs - like this one- and I cannot help but read the posts.

You have presented the entrecard e book so beautifully while I just gave it to them -bland (grins) Now, I'm learning how to blog properly...

Btw, entrecarding is also rich source of useful information.

Thanks for sharing. Great site!

Catherine said...

I'm new to Entrecard but am beginning to love it. I better sit down with the Ebook and really learn how to use it.

I'm looking forward to looking at all the new blogs. It seems that many are very professional looking.

Craft Junkie said...

A friend turned me on to entrecard today and I've already come across 3 different blogs (yours included) that I have things in common with, enjoy what they have to say, and will continue to visit regularly.

Like you, it's given me a way to increase my traffic but even better, it's given me access to sites I'd never have found any other way. :)

Mooney ♥ said...

I agree that EntreCard has helped my blog traffic so much in the last few weeks! I've been hoping to purchase as pot on your blog, but goodness girl, it takes a while for a newbie to earn 1024 credits... hehee.

Congrats on being featured!

Azure Islands Designs said...

I'm relatively new to Entrecard...joining to increase traffic to my blog...but I've made a point to look the whole blog over before leaving the site, not just drop and go...I've found some great blogs that way, one of them yours...I do comment when I feel I have something relevant to say or if I a compliment is in order!

I haven't yet read the ebook yet...will have to get at it...

Great blog,

mocove said...

I am brand new to Entrecard and am excited about expanding my blogosphere.