Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Need More Traffic? Get Some Blog Buzz!

I was visiting some sites with Entrecard advertising widgets today (if you're unfamiliar with Entrecard there's an ad widget at the top left side of my blog), and found a blog about web marketing that's just my speed. Not too basic, not too technical, and it doesn't assume I already know a lot of stuff about marketing. Buzz My Blog seems as though it were written just for lucky me! The articles in the building traffic and community buzz categories have plenty of tips and links to keep me busy, but the thing that really made me notice is the Weekly Buzz: each week a different blog is featured, and it takes less than a minute to sign up to get your blog in the running for a feature. I like nice--and this is an extremely nice and generous thing this blogger is doing.


Marie said...

thanks for the tip, i've gone to the site and it's really nice of them to do this to promote other people's sites that's for sure :)

Jeff - buzzmyblog.com said...

Hi Lucky Girl. Thanks for the post!

Debra ~ said...

Thanks I plan to check that out. Very thoughtful of you to do a post like this!