Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Belated Earth Day!

Do most people experience a high level of disorganization after moving? I've been several days behind (at best!) on most everything for the past month, including important things like my dad's birthday (sorry Dad!). I do manage to get the trash and recycling to the curb on the right day so I suppose I should be celebrating my successes, and less stinky stuff around the house is a good thing.

I wanted to share one of my favorite recycling and crafting resources for Earth Day, so if you don't mind turning your calendar back a couple of pages, come on over to Pack Rat with me. I love what they've done with empty cat food tins, and the photos have inspired me to come up with several other fun ideas for cat food candles. Wouldn't these be sweet with a mosaic around the outside?

All Tied Up, a top made from men's neckties, would be a beautiful way to honor the guy in your life while clearing clutter from his closet. My dad has always been a bowtie kind of fellow, so that would pose a challenge, but I think this would be stunning made with an assortment of black and white ties.

Wouldn't you like to be Friends of Pack Rat ?

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Renz said...

hi! thanks for the drop!

your craft is amazing! =_=