Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm a Powerseller Now! (But I'm still closing my store)

A few days ago I got a "Congratulations New eBay Powerseller" message from eBay for the store we use to clear out or excess personal belongings. I reached this in just over a month, and I am sooo exhausted! I've been listing and cutting prices and shipping packages like crazy so that we can get this stuff cleared out before we move. I still have a pretty fair amount of stuff to list in the next few days--probably over 100 items but I'm afraid to count them--and anything that hasn't sold by March 28 or so is going to the local thrift store and that eBay store will cease to exist.

I'm not sure whether I'm more excited about moving into our new house and having my own studio space or living without all this clutter. Okay, never mind, my own studio space wins (yippee!).

If you're looking for a bargain, we have hundreds of books, CDs, PC games, war games, baseball cards, and miscellaneous stuff that need new homes. Come visit our giant online yard sale, I'd love for these things to go to people who really want them.


Ada said...

Wow, lots of games on your store, unfortunately I'm not a gamer, but congrats on getting studio space sounds great.

Laarnaay said...

wow! huge collection. I still can't buy stuff from ebay because i haven't linked my paypal yet. yarrgh.

good luck though!