Friday, February 29, 2008

So and Sew Crafty

At So and Sew Crafty you can find medical scrubs, baby bibs and burp cloths, bags and totes, quilts and throws, and a nice variety of household accessories. But the three darling creatures I've included here are my favorites.

Easter Bunny Basket, $22 (eggs included!). What a terrific alternative to those cheap (and ugly) plastic ones!

Chicken Pillow, $10. Isn't there a TV show about these? All My Chickens?

Ella Funt, $30. Elephants with trunks pointing up are good luck, and what a sweet good luck symbol Ella is!


soandsewcrafty said...

Thanks so much!

Ashley said...

Her stuff is really cute! Thanks for sharing it with us.